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  • Tenant Relocation Assistance

  • Non-Residential Relocation Assistance

  • Relocation Plans

  • Relocation Cost Estimating

  • Interim Property Management

  • Community Outreach

  • FAA, URA and CRAL technical support

The Village at Century project in Inglewood assembled 16 acres of blighted, vacant, and occupied properties into a 193,000-square-foot commercial development—the first of a two-phase, 51-acre redevelopment project to revitalize the Darby-Dixon neighborhood. 

From 1950 to the early 1990s, the area was a high-density residential development; however, due to the increase in noise pollution from the airport and lack of local investment, the area became rundown and underutilized. The Inglewood City Council adopted the Century Redevelopment Project Area to eradicate blight and address issues related to lack of investment, dilapidated housing stock, high crime rates, and needed traffic and circulation improvements around the Century Corridor. One of the primary project goals was to work in partnership with residents, the business community, public agencies, and community organizations in the revitalization of the project area. A number of public meetings were held to hear the collective concerns and recommendations of the community. In a collaborative effort, the Inglewood Redevelopment Agency, Los Angeles World Airports, and the Federal Aviation Administration worked together with the community to improve conditions along Century Boulevard.

Over the course of 15 years Del Richardson & Associates, Inc., has provided, primarily, relocation services, with limited acquisition services during the past few years to the City of Inglewood. During this period of time, DRA provided relocation assistance services to over 500 residential and non-residential displacees. The residential cases were administered under FAA guidelines under the Aircraft Noise Mitigation Program (Formerly FAR Part 150 Noise Mitigation Program), and the non-residential cases where administered under California Title 25.

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