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DRA’s staff has experienced personnel and offers a wide range of services. We are capable of handling from the simplest to the most complex requirements throughout a project’s life cycle in an efficient and professional manner. We help communities sustain and thrive through large infrastructure changes. Learn more about our Core Wraparound Services.

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Workforce Development

As a firm that fosters an environment of growth and collaboration, linking solutions across the company, community, and within the industries we serve, DRA offers recruiting services, job coordinator services, employee/employer matching, and job training coordination services for clients seeking to hire and train workers who live within Economically Disadvantaged Areas close to the client project site.

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Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in building schools, creating curriculum, running national workforce development programs, and managing budgets for educational institutions. We believe that with the right tools and information, communities are empowered. We can assist with curriculum design, resources for financial wellness and much more to ensure individuals, families and communities have what they need to be sustainable.

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We have an in house video team lead by Nathan Levine-Heaney, an award winning Hollywood cameraman. Nathan’s experience in the industry over 20 years included working on multiple Marvel universe projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr Strange, popular television shows such as FX’s American Story, Barry for HBO and Servant for Apple TV, and a wide variety of promos, documentaries videos and national commercials.

Our camera package includes 6K Sony Cinema cameras which are approved for the technical and workflow standards of the Netflix Production Technical Alliance.  Essentially an industry standard ‘stamp of approval’ that the material is high quality and future proof for 4K. We also have drones, smaller cameras and hand held stablizers to caputure dynamic, kinetic images that go beyond standard corporate video fare.

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We have a team that is ready to help streamline your marketing approach and build your social media, website and overall presence and visibility. We approach your brand with intentionality to ensure your message is heard, understood and received. We believe that marketing is "not just the stuff you make, but the stories you tell." We are committed to helping you tell your story and have your message, mission and services reach as many people as possible.

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Right Of Way & Business Solutions

As a national leader in relocation assistance (RSO, State and Federal) with a long and rich history specializing in solving complex and egregious displacement, DRA’s well-seasoned right of way professionals are experienced in all phases of right of way, but are EXPERTS in providing essential services to displaced persons in low income, minority communities and businesses that are diverse in type, use, and size that have been affected by transits infrastructure development projects.

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Public Affairs

With a proven track record of successfully navigating private sector, public benefit, and governmental agency clients through the complexities of stakeholder consensus building, DRA’s clients benefit from the firm’s tailored approach to strategic planning for an effective community outreach and public relations strategy that fosters consistent communication and the collective exploration of ideas.

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Housing Programs

In addition to changing the face of Section 8 for landlords and tenants by making the process more user friendly and less time consuming, DRA also designs empowerment programs for low income people with challenges, as well as, offers landlord concierge and tenant/landlord matching services.

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Human & Social Services

Our commitment to help reshape, redefine and empower communities knows no bounds. With an intentional focus on foster care, through community outreach, partnerships and land development, we are making space to turn housing into homes for those who need it most. Safety, education, care, and a means to thrive well beyond temporary housing is our mission.

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